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Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server is a popular mail server and personal calendar server developed by Microsoft Corporation. It runs solely on Windows Server operating system. It offers the ability to communicate with other email accounts as well as allowing users to create, edit, and synchronize their mailboxes. In short, it is an ideal choice for people who handle multiple email accounts.

This platform enables organizations and individuals to use the best internet technologies combined with a familiar outlook style interface. In addition to this it is an ideal choice for businesses that need their own managed dedicated server. You can get your work done faster with the ability to access any of your email in one click. Microsoft Exchange Server offers a number of features that can help you manage your emails in a better way while on the go. It offers many cloud computing options such as:

Microsoft Exchange Server can be used as an Outlook client for mobile devices

such as smart phones, tablet computers, and netbooks. On the other hand you can use it as a web browser for accessing your email client from any location. This versatile application allows you to manage all your contacts, calendars, tasks with the push of a button. There are two versions of this open source software: Microsoft Exchange Server 2021.

Microsoft Exchange Server helps you manage your messages, calendar, and tasks in an efficient manner. The e-mails, contacts, task management, and messaging features make this service a must for every organization. For instance, it gives you the ability to manage multiple email accounts, multiple contacts, multiple calendars, and multiple tasks. You can also do tasks like sending, receiving, and editing attachments. It supports attachments such as PDF and JPEG files, which makes it a must for those who regularly send out newsletters, conference calls and other electronic documents.

Microsoft Exchange Server works wonderfully well on the web as well as on the desktop.

On the web you can use it as a mail server where you can install the MS Outlook Web Access application, which is the backend to connect with the Exchange server. With this amazing application you can access your emails, contacts, and calendars from anywhere there’s an available Internet connection. On the other hand, you can also use it as a web browser where you can access your Outlook data and view emails and contacts directly from your desktop computer. If you want to use MS Exchange as a browser, you need to install the Active Server Page application along with the Microsoft Exchange Server.

Microsoft Exchange Server offers the benefits of a dedicated mail server without the expense of purchasing and maintaining a third-party mail server. This allows you to store all your important data in on-premises data centers. These data centers include rackmount power, circuits, rack management, and more. Microsoft Exchange Server allows the integration of all your email, calendar, and contact information in one place making it easy for you to work with all your data in one place. There are no restrictions when it comes to using the Exchange server by installing third-party applications such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Business Center, or Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The Microsoft Exchange Server offers various options to choose from including the ability to run Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL database. You can also select from the Microsoft Web Edition or Microsoft Management Server. Windows servers are predominantly used for on-premise applications, whereas Linux or UNIX-based servers are ideal for applications that require a lot of flexibility and control. Microsoft Sharepoint is the platform based on the Shareware suite of programs that enables users to build applications and publish documents to the web. Microsoft Sharepoint allows you to create pages that are managed by custom permissions.

Microsoft Exchange Server works seamlessly with Outlook allowing you to manage your emails and appointments with ease. You can create and store all your emails, tasks, and contacts in the Microsoft Exchange Server giving you complete control over the communication between you and other people.

  • With the Microsoft Exchange Server, you have the ability to create and view all emails, tasks, contacts, and files right from the mailboxes of your employees.
  • If you want to send an email to a colleague, just select their email address from the pull down menu of the user name and password prompt displayed in the Microsoft Outlook.
  • Pop3 email accounts are also available on the Microsoft Exchange Server giving you the ability to send and receive emails while on the go.